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Superstition on Dalov Perll

Superstitions and folklore on Dalov Perll owe as much to the edicts placed by Edas and his descendants as they do to the cultural background of the inhabitants. The one thing that has finally happened, due to the secretive nature of the rulers, and the fact that they have taken most of their secrets to the grave with them; Is that the current Masters of Vog Mur are as superstitious as their subjects.


They worship an aspect of the Suel god of Thunder. He is responsible for all of the weather and storms are made when he rushes about. He gets to and from the otherworld via the caldera of the extinct volcano that dominates the island of Ordye Throg.


One should not sleep with one’s head to the east. The Eastern side of the Island has been forbidden territory for at least six generations. The other islands, which are also cursed and bring back awful diseases are also mostly eastwards as far the people of Perll Cibur are concerned.

The question ‘where ?’ is not often asked in Perll Cibur. Their world is relatively small and they know it (it’s imposed boundaries) intimately. However curiosity about other places is unseemly and the question ‘where ?’ even if it relates to somewhere within their experience, is not normally answered as it is considered bad form.


Whirlwinds are the shock troops of the fearies. When one occurs, it is best to look away and say a prayer. (Dulacaborn was a mage, this may have some bearing on the root of this one).

A bout of gastric exhalations is viewed as a good thing. It is getting rid of foul airs caused by the fearies. Those who break wind in company are generally congratulated.


Only the masters are literate. They are protected by the fact that they are only part human and more in tune with the magic. Otherwise literacy is courting all manner of disaster.


Chickens were brought to Vog Mur by the Elves. Every night, the chickens plot how to escape and make their way back over the sea to whence they came. Fortunately they forget their plans with the rising of the sun. But their scratching the floor every night is an attempt to either dig a tunnel to freedom or to set fire to the house, both well known constituents of the Chicken’s escape plan.

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