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The Betrothal net and the balance of power in Teddin


Vemon Beän b. 2900 (½ grey elf)

3140 m. Pharlarn Nabrish (human)

b. 3140 Emuura (dau)
b. 3141 Lorta (dau) Twin of Howalb
b. 3141 Howalb (son) Twin of Lorta
b. 3148 Hiiska (son)

3141 m. Trine Ckaeo (¼ elf) b. 2984

b. 3141 N’tra (son)

Originally three hedge provinces of Hurin Càma, Vemon is small state. Vemon has married daughters of the Nabrish and Ckaeo, which each comprise roughly a third of his ilin. His children range from ten to two years old. He intends for Howalb to succeed him but believes his daughters will do well in the Flannaess

The Brothers have a presence in Vemon but it is almost entirely functional and totally separate from his apparatus of state.

Melhar Ckaeo is the head of the Teddin branch of his family. His daughters have married the Bean ruler of Vemon, the Myya and Irien in Alcant and the Chya in Blacksand. The Vemon Ckaeo are rich cattle farmers. The Vemon Nabrish do not farm as many cattle as the Ckaeo. Many matches are made between the Vemon and Diaton Nabrish. Arl Nabrish, daughter of Maakram, the head of the Vemon Nabrish, has been betrothed to the eldest son of the head of the Blacksand Goulèd for four years. The Goulèd are holding out for a bigger dowry and the Nabrish are want less expensive access to the markets.


Benes Lomin b. 2763 high elf

Single, Benès is now middle aged. He came to Teddin as one of Hurin Cáma’s ilin, became a hedge lord and when Hurin was killed became Lord of Diaton. He has the largest military force and a strong agrarian economy; Diaton is the ‘breadbasket’[1] of Teddin. Benès intends to marry soon. Any good match from another of Teddin’s ruling houses would suit his ends as would a strong connection at the highest level in Rel Mord. His advisors are keen for him to being courting Belannia Gwathlo but he doesn’t love her and knows she doesn’t love him. He has discounted this option, even if his advisors have not. He may be middle aged but he is healthy, wealthy and a power in the region.

The Brothers have their biggest presence two days ride from his capitol. Politically active in Teddin before he came to power, he has a constant worry that the Brothers will cease to be so focused on the Hurgilin and spirituality, becoming a player in Teddin politics. Their military might matches his and they are backed by the King of Nyrond (amongst others). Benès rule would be threatened. His strategy thus far has been to support, with men and other resources, long patrols into the heartland. This keeps the Hurgilin active and the Brothers busy.

The Diaton Nabrish are a dozen families. These marry into the Nabrish in Vemon and Alcant as well within Diaton. There have been a few matches with the Diaton Goulèd.

The Diaton Goulèd are four families. They marry into the Goulèd elsewhere and occasionally into the Diaton Nabrish. Jolagref was a younger daughter who fell in love with one of the Dhebrac. The match was forbidden by her father[2] despite the Head of the Dhebrac petitioning for the marriage. Clan Nabrish hanged Jolagref in the spring of 3148.

The Dhebrac have no presence outside Diaton. They are a small clan and mourn the loss of Jolagref as a bad thing in itself, without regard to any political aspect.


Glordin Gwathlo b. 2287 (grey elf)

Son of Finwe

2839 m. Melethiel Isenwarian b. 2800 (½ elf) d. 3089

(Sister of emperor Angborn II).
Her twin sister, Linaewen, b. 2800 d. 3076, moves into Glordin’s household with her.
b. 2850 son (M) ¾ grey elf Arutha
b. 2852 dau (M) ¾ grey elf Meldis Blackrobe in Tenh
b. 2852 dau (L) ¾ grey elf Liralle ilin in Tenh
b. 2844 son (M) ¾ grey elf Maglor training in Blackmoor
b. 2850 son (L) ¾ grey elf Angborn ilin in Eagle’s Reach
b. 2852 dau (L) ¾ grey elf Belannia

2844 m. Jadhim Leodhata b 2825 (½ elf) d 3101

b. 2845 son ¾ grey elf Aratan Fallia kn. Hedge Lord in Tenh
b. 2849 son ¾ grey elf Belothar ilin in North Rythym
b. 2860 dau ¾ grey elf Forgiliell

Glordin intends to leave for Carthorm soon. But he really does like Alcant and the Fision Ocean. A (short lived) third marriage would keep him here for another eighty years and he is quietly looking at the options available from amongst his court.

Arutha already does much of the day to day business of state, He has fallen in love with Adreal Gul, the Heiress to the Damifision Is. He intends to propose but hasn’t yet considered the possibility that she want to stay in Kamurnst.

West Rythym

Jeddalt Wigfruma b. 3110 ½ elf

Jaddalt is being courted by a princess of Ard Angra, (O’ll’qussë). He fully intends to marry her once the negotiations[3] are complete. He is also entertaining proposals from a Tenh based branch of the Yla. Marriage to the (second) daughter of another Lord would mean a marriage in Ard Angra, the Marriage to the Yla should take place in West Rythym. Jeddalt is thinking of having both marriages on the same trip. This would avoid the Yla taking one look at Sednalew and sailing away, taking the bride and dowry with them. However conducting two marriages on the same trip could be seen as offering dishonour to both the O’ll’qussë and Yla. Jeddalt’s problem is his relative poverty. His may live like a king in Rythym (after all he is the king here) but there are much richer men two steps down the social ladder in the Flannaess.

Kuvan Irien is the head of the Irien who came to Teddin. His daughters and nieces have married the Isenwarian of the Impassode Is, the Yla in Vemon, the Chya in West Rythym, and the Gefeohtan of Eagle’s Reach. They have also married into the Chya and Leodhata in East Rythym.

The middle kingdom (Ekbir) Irien are the senior part of the clan. Despite very similar numbers settling in adjacent states and the presence of (up to) fifth generation Teddin Irien, Kuvan remains the chief of the clan. Owning to their recent experiences in the middle kingdoms, they are united, wary and most definitely not going to be pushed around again.

East Rythym

Amrod Gûl b 2250 grey elf

Emelbar Irien is Kuvan’s second cousin and head of the Irien in East Rythym. They have married into the Isenwarian of the Damifision Is, The Nabrish of East Rythym, the Chya of the Impassode is the Goulèd of Blacksand and the Geofohtan of Eagle’s Reach

North Rythym

Sitromen Gûl b 2103 grey elf

2415 m. Galsha Gwathlo, dau of Fingorn. b. 2099

b. 2601 Ostalraki
b. 2738 Krisnetta[4] (hedge lord in Ard Angra from 2945)

Ostalraki has been in love with Nitheom (Gwathlo) Isenwarian since their first meeting. Stricken when she married the emperor and delighted when he died, Ostalraki lives in the hope that she will return to Teddin and he could then court her as he had wanted to one hundred and thirty years ago.

Belothar Gwathlo, son of Glordin has met Atrixes Gûl (Krisnetta’s daughter, who has visited her grandparents) twice and decided to marry her. He hasn’t told any else yet.

Lorta Irien, a fifth generation Rythym Irien, has married his daughters to the Blacksand Gouled and the Geofohtan of Eagle’s reach. His nieces have married the two new Chya in North Rythym, as well as the Nhi and the Myya of Alcant.

Impassode Is

Tylain Gwathlo, son of Finarfin. b. 2650 (grey elf)

2800 m. Are Càma (high elf b 2743)

b. 2812 Jadhim
b. 2832 Nitheom (3029 m Emperor Mornion) now widowed and resident in Hisra
b. 2833 Gwydhal

Roh Nhi has married his daughter into the Impassode Chya. His nieces have married into the Vemon Chya and North Rythym Irien. Vanye Irien has married his nieces into the local Nhi and Isenwarian. His daughter is still too young to marry.

Damifision Is

Morierfox Gûl b. 2850 (¾ grey elf)

2893 becomes 2nd Lord of the Damifision Is

2893 m. Elwen Isenwarian (1st born of Emperor Angborn II) (½ elf)

b. 2892 Adreil

Adreal is in love with Arutha Gwathlo and is keen for him to join her on her beautiful remote island realm. Morierfox approves of this match and is preparing to discuss the matter with Glordin.

Womar Irien is the head of the Damifision Irien. The three families that have settled on the islands have married their daughters into the local Isenwarians and the Nhi of the Impassode Is. Bengt Isenwarian has married his eldest daughter into the Impassode Chya.


Jürgs Wigfruma b. 2977 (½ elf)

3024 fourth Lord of Blacksand.

3065 m. Katamya b. 3049 (daughter of local merchant) d. 3137

b. 3067 Ganuis (son) ¼ elf
b. 3068 Kwel (son) ¼ elf
b. 3071 Brunna (son) ¼ elf

3070 m. Morgain Chya b. 3065 (¼ elf)

b. 3072 Bennuc (son) ¼ elf
b. 3078 Asil (dau) ¼ elf 3097 m Angborn Gwathlo (ilin in Eagle’s Reach, son of Lord of Alcant)

Jürgs’ first marriage was for money. Fortunately for him Katamya is a chip of the ol’ block and his sons have their father’s charm and wit and their mother’s sagacity and toughness. Their grip on the city is like a comfortable, rarely seen vice. His second marriage was to bind one of the larger ilin clans to his house as a balance to the sudden influx of Goulèd ilin from Rythym. Again he was fortunate, Morgain scintillates at the centre of Blacksand’s cosmopolitan social whirl and Bennuc is the glue that holds his half brothers together and prevents them from striking out on their own.

With the exception of Ganuis, he is intending to marry his sons into the Goulèd and Marlokt clans to ensure their continuing loyalty. He is looking carefully at the existing and potential daughters of the other rulers of Teddin as dynastic matches for his eldest son. He views his daughter’s marriage into the Alcant Gwathlo as a good start.

Eagle’s Reach

Neramur Gefeohtan ¼ djanne ¼ elf b. 3089

Nearmur is betrothed to Shiveal Lominlindi.

Neramur is in lust with his Visir Arcana, Kcasamenzay Gwathlo, but she has no intention of acquiescing to his desires and ensures a steady supply of local hopefuls for his entertainment. At the forefront of his mind is the fact that Angborn Gwathlo is within his power and he could use the family tie between the visir and the ilin as a lever to get his way with the visir. However Angborn is married to a Daughter of Jürgs Wigfruma who is richer than he and on the same landmass. Neramur actually considers upsetting the Lord of Blacksand to have potentially far more serious consequences than upsetting the Lord of Alcant and is still trying to puzzle his way through this conundrum into Kcasamenzay’s bed.

His impending nuptials with Shiveal Lominlindi have yet to crowd his waking thoughts.

Nearmur is surrounded by Gefeohtan ilin and feels very secure in his hill top fortification. Some of these are his younger brothers. Some of these are married and therefore i) have heirs already and ii) are not so distracted by the elf-witch that they couldn’t run the country.

[1] More correctly, ricebowl.
[2] Who famously ‘does not like surprises’.
[3] In these he is being assisted by relatives in the Flannaess and advisors they have sent over to Teddin.
[4] Krisnetta’s illegitimate daughter, Atrixes, b 2989 is Visir Tempora in North Queg.

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