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The Death of Turgon Cŗma

In 2945 Turgon and his closest followers were ambushed in the Jungles of what used to be Turgonís fief in his brotherís kingdom of Candau. In the field already fighting the bugbears, he learned that his capital was under attack. Turgon had reached the cursed city but too late to be of any avail. Obviously damned, the place was already being abandoned and the majority of the refugees from the region, along with a large portion of Turgonís army, under the command of BenŤs Lomin, fled due south. They were following a similar but smaller group led by Vemon Bešn who had fled the sacking of the cursed city by sea. Turgonís small party was the last to leave the area, only after all others were on their way to safety.

Both the Lomin and Bešn contingents made it safely south of the mountains. Turgon it seemed, was doomed to share his brothers fate. His party of less than fifty[1] was ambushed somewhere between the cursed city-port and the mountain pass into what would become present day Vemon. Along with him perished Rakh Isenwarian, a great hero and generous heart. Many of those who knew him believed that if the succession had been different then he would have been a great emperor. Also Seigfried Wigfruma, the senior political figure in Candau after either king, who kept the eastern lords involved and prevented schism. Between them, Seigfried and Rakh kept open the Cŗma brothers relationship with Veluna as well as working to ensure that Candau was a colleague of Veluna, rather than a vassal. With the loss of these two and the King, the emperor Angborn II had a relatively easy time in assimilating the now leaderless principalities of Candau into the empire.

[1] Including all the remaining Gwaithor regular soldiers. The royal life guard (originally 250 strong) of 15 and eight remaining marines. Hurin had raised a Dagrim Aran of nearly 4000 to secure his new kingdom.

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