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The Gwathlo in Veluna

Since 2876 Ancarvin has been the Gwathlo permanent presence in Veluna. Ancarvin is the Son of Luthien Gwathlo (Feanor’s daughter) and Gilfrond Ario[1] . The younger members of the clan usually support him fairly well, although they do occasionally manage to get themselves into trouble. One of the Beregian Regents Ancarvin is generally well respected at court. Occasionally someone will remember that fought as jalee in the pikeblock during the Nyrondal campaign. He regularly hosts the Dowager empress Avalyne and has occasionally included Beren II’s children in his own tutoring regime. In common with many of the Celebrinoth Sindalië, he is a blackrobe as well as ilin.

The younger Gwathlo at court are Ascarnil, Gywdhion and Kalevala of Udas, Gwydhal of the Impassode Is and Huor, from Arbolt. Ancarvin is grooming them all for initiation into the fox cult. Following on from the secret wars waged in Nyrond and the middle kingdoms, the Gwathlo sometimes secretly train their children in the arts that they feel give them the edge. All are primarily ilin to Ancarvin, all are being groomed to take the tests that will make them whiterobes. They have learned to take his advice in all things, generally they mix well with the other younger members of the court, including the children of Beren II.

Kcasamenzay, daughter of Finwë, when she is not being VA of Eagle’s Reach, often makes her presence felt, her appearance and demeanour are everything a lord would want in a wife, her vociferous opinions are things every lord would seek to avoid. She actually attends to tutor Ascarnil’s pupils but cannot resist the opportunity to set a cat amongst pigeons if one arises.

“Education, Education, Education”

Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, as Prime Minister.

Ancarvin was largely brought up by his uncles Thingol and Finwë in Hisra, passing his formative years in the period immediately following the Dagor Rhassë. As such, he was one of the first ever students, taught from scratch, of the Assembly; going through white and brown before he gained his blackrobe. Having been through the process himself, he has developed the habit of education. He has a small staff of professional academics and skills instructors on hand in the Clan kasbah. Over the years many of the nobility of the empire have persuaded the Gwathlo to educate children who would otherwise be at danger of failing to realise their potential as future leaders of the empire.

A small fraction of the more gifted and insightful of these have over the years been given an enhanced training package of subterfuge and misdirection skills[2] . The gateway to this training being initiation into the fox cult. This small but select band are the spiritual successors to the tomb robbers turned assassins led by Thingol into the towns and cities during the opening phases of the Nyrodal campaign. The active ones, who regularly report back to Ancarvin are listed here along with their code names. There are others who are ‘sleepers’ awaiting a trigger word before they carry out their pre-programmed missions.

Snake Rym’nn Roh Chya ilin to the Lord of Bissel
Flick Darsil Tharil Wastrel son of the Tharil Clan of Celene
Cat Dryeal Lominlindi Itinerant red priest
Sage Sildar Tharil ilin to the Lord of Celene
Phantom Emrehym Scrofa Blackrobe in the VA staff of Udas
Knife Cellwddion Nhi ilin to the Lord of Jorassë
Prophet Sheal Lominlindi Daughter of the Carnc of Yalbelethil
Dancer Farlaynë Sarr Gûl Daughter of the Lord of Jorassë

The ‘club’ members are all very inquisitive people. Ancarvin uses the club to gather information and occasionally, to disseminate it. The club would not be used for direct action; that would be arranged through other, more usual clandestine channels. The younger members of Clan Gwathlo are likely to become initiates when they pass from white to brown robes.

The embassies of the Gwathlo

The Gwathlo seats on the imperial council are Hisra, Tenh, Alcant, East Udas and the Impassode Is.

The Lord of Hisra remains unencumbered by wives and legitimate progeny. When he visits his entourage is relatively modest. Celegorm remains assured that his financial backing in part keeps the Brandenheer on guard on the Golden Hill. Usually he will be accompanied by Asion, the Carnc of Amburn and on a more clandestine level, also by the sisters Jahdrim (Carnc of Sharifika in S Hisra) and Niothem (blackrobe and dowager empress), travelling incognito to be with their family when they meet at the Gwathlo kasbar. Celegorm is always accompanied by his chief ilin, Alu Canath Nhi. As head of the Nhi, he brings with him a cortège larger than that of his Lyio and of some of the other Lords of the Empire.

The court of Tenh only ever attends en masse when required to do so. The children of Camgil, Lord of Tenh and his Queen Hithual (nee Enorleth) are accomplished blackrobes; in 3150 Asion is Carnc in N Hisra, Orodreth is VA of Furyondy and VT of N Queq. Scack Oreod is VA of Tenh. So whilst they may visit their Clan kasbar whilst on the Golden Hill, they must dutifully reside with their current Lyio. Only in Scack Oreod’s case is that with his own clan. Additionally, Princesses of Alcant Meldis (blackrobe) and Liralle (ilin) are part of the court of Tenh as is their brother Aratan, a Falliarochben and Tenha hedgelord of Adfel Tizi. Camgil and Hithual are attended at all times by two of the bright young things of Tenh, one ilin and one handmaiden, chosen earlier that year. The court of Tenh is invariably followed by Tinulë Ithin, Lord of Cabut, and his small cortege. Tür Alu Yla, the head of the Yla, normally accompanies Camgil to Veluna although his focus is normally on Clan business, rather than that of his Lyio.

The Lord of Alcant has in the past asked the emperor if he may be represented by his son and heir, Arutha. Thus far his request has always been turned down. Glordin comes to Veluna accompanied by Arutha (as yet unmarried) and his two youngest daughters, Belannia and Forgileill[3] . Aside from his Scrofa VA and shield man, Glordin only brings a dozen or so of his ilin (normally a Carnc or two and a few others) and their wives to Veluna.

The Lord of East Udas, Finaralt and his queen Asil (nee Hiroth) enjoy their visits to Veluna[4] . It reconnects them with the green lands they grew up in and their families that they have left behind. They see Ascarnil, Gywdhion and Kalevala, spending much with their children when they are in the Flanaess. Turm (nee Isenwarian) passed away nearly a century ago and her daughters, Arwen, Morwen and Aellkloeni now have little to do with their father. Certainly they never visit Veluna. Finaralt normally leaves the officers of his court behind to run the apparatus of state but brings with him more than half of his Carnc. They inevitably bring as many ilin as they think they can get away with, both in terms of leaving enough behind and of propriety in Veluna.

Tylain, Lord of the Impassode Isles and his queen Arë (nee Càma) attend when they must, joining with Glordin’s party for the long journey. Inevitably they bring only a handful of ilin and other staff. Their eldest daughter, Jadhrim, a maiden-of-the-spear, is Carnc of Sharifika in Southern Hisra but is very rarely called upon to attend court in an official capacity. Their youngest daughter, Niothem was married to the emperor Mornion and now resides in Hisra with her kinsman Celegorm.

[1] Whilst the rest of his siblings are Ario, Ancarvin was by appearance, temperament and disposition a Gwathlo from the moment he was born and hence raised as one of his mother’s kin.
[2] This is done in secret with only five instructors. Ancarvin, Kcasamenzay and the masters of the scorpions (E Veluna), the rats (N&W Veluna) and Zolella Eryngwann, a ‘returned’ Moredhel who hides amongst the domestic staff.
[3] The children of Glordin and Meletheil are: Arutha b 2850, in his father’s service. Meldis b 2852 blackrobe in Tenh. Maglor b 2844, in training in Blackmoor. Of Glordin and Liralle b. 2852 Viz ilin in Tenh. Angborn b 2850 ilin in Eagle’s Reach. Belannia b 2852 at her father’s court. Of Glordin and Jadhrim : Aratan b. 2845, F/Kn hedgelord in Tenh. Belothar b 2849, ilin in N Rythym. Forgileill b 2860 at her father’s court.
[4] In 2839 Finaralt marries Turm Isenwarian (b. 2799), daughter of Emperor Burrucal II. When the Udas adventure is launched, in 2888, Finaralt leads ilin from Alvorn, Hisra and Furyondy to found East Udas. His children by Asil Hiroth, two sons and a daughter, in 3150 are being educated in Veluna; Ascarnil b. 2687, Gywdhion b.2705 and Kalevala b.2842. His children by Turm Isenwarian (three daughters, Arwen b.2800, Morwen b.2900 and Aellkloeni b. 2987) all went into the Sisterhood of Lammasu, where they remain in 3150.

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