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The Game of Houses

The Houses of the Gwaithor (High Elves)

The Bešn are Sindarin speaking High Elves. Their traditional range is from Veluna down to Uleck, with out-flung settlements as far afield as the middle kingdoms and the Vesve. They have always prided themselves on taking a wider view and this has seen them promoted to positions of responsibility wherever they have settled. Their family symbol is a behir. The Bešn of the Vesve and Highfolk rallied to the jihad and gained great wealth from the victories over the northern horse tribes. They remained firm supporters of Celebrinoth and their name was on one of the tails of the nine-tailed white banner.

The chief of the Bešn, experienced in dealing with men and other wider issues, was given charge over the westernmost reaches of the northern steppes. The Bešn are still Lords of Alvorn today. Additionally, Vemon Bešn who was a lieutenant of Hurin Cŗma, is now Lord of Vemon, a self named portion of land remaining from the former lands of Hurin. They have a certain reputation for being reclusive, if not taciturn, although this is possibly largely due to having dealings with persons whom they found vexatious. Their symbol is the behir.

The Lomin were the ruling family of Veluna, which before the coming of the empire was largely under their rule. They are Sindarin speaking High Elves. Individuals had joined the jihad against the middle kingdoms. During the war with Iuz, in 2490, after Furyondy was invaded, the leaders formally joined the Celebrinoth. The Lomin marry the daughters of the king of Keoland after the Dagor Tarsil, and Keoland and Sterich become a Lomin possessions, followed soon after by the land known as the Spice Coast. Their symbol is a quarter moon. Perception of the Lomin is that they are steadfast in all situations.

The Cŗma are Sindarin speaking High Elves, formerly the ruling house of Selene. Hazen Cŗma was the King of Selene[1] and his sons (including Ganuis) joined the jihad and stayed in the Celebrinoth. The name of Cŗma is one of those on the nine-tailed white banner. In 2490 Selene follows Veluna into war, although Hazen is careful to retain a degree of autonomy. Hazen is killed by the soldiers of Urnst in 2580. Elebrill Cŗma, Hazenís widow, accepts the aid of Fingolfin Gwathlo for a time. She marries Vane Isenwarian, half Elven Brother of the King of Perrenland in 2600, formally becoming part of the hegemony. Ganuis, the only son of Hazen to survive the PWOC, is given Lordship of Urnst in 2590 and the area formerly known as the Theocracy of the Pale a year later.

Ganuisí sons, Hurin and Turgon, establish their own kingdom in Teddin from 2787. Other great houses follow them into the unknown and a great city-port is established. Hurin is killed fighting diabolic powers after six years and Turgon is killed by ambush a hundred and forty years later. The Cŗma overseas possessions pass into otherís hands. The Cŗma remain Lords of Urnst despite most their folk continuing to reside in Celene. Their symbol is a red dragon biting its own tail. Having not much luck with ruling other places, the Cŗma Lords would much rather still be in Celene.

The Hiroth are the ruling house of Highfolk, Sindarin speaking High Elves. One of their daughters married Thingol Gwathlo. This match, initially unpopular with their leaders, soon made them acutely aware of the impending storm about to break in the northern Flanaess. Some of them were immediately enthusiastic, and the heir apparent, Glorgil, joined the jihad. Thus the name of Hiroth is one of those on the nine-tailed white banner.

The act of Glorgil joining the Celebrinoth was a definite boon to their recruiting efforts, legitimising their struggle in the eyes of the elves of the Flanaess. Glorgilís reward for their initial rush of support was Ket. Itís king had been the instigator of the unicorn hunt and upon his (successorís) execution, Glorgil was married to his widows and became Lord of Ket.

The Hiroth are known for being controlled at all times. This is possibly more to do with remaining focused and blanking out distractions or being careful and precise rather than a possessing greater degree of self-discipline.

[1] And thereby, high king of the Gwaithor of the Flanaess.

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