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The Isenwarian Dynasty

The Court of the Nine Tailed Banner.

The court resides on the Golden Hill in the city of Veluna for much of the year. However, in a normal year the emperor will remove himself and his closest advisors/family members to the court of one of the other Lords of the Flanaess for a month or two. He may spend longer away and move the imperial court to a second or perhaps even a third location in the regions. In doing this he reduces the costs of holding court to himself, transferring it to his host(s). He also makes central government more accessible to his vassals and perhaps most importantly, displays pomp and military might throughout the land.

King of Perrenland (tenth Emperor) Beren II. (140) Previously a regent of his nephew, Beregor. Beren loved (still loves ?) Bronuisk and planned to remain with her in Perrenland until the Beregian Regency made him emperor. His marriage to Asil was a part of cementing his claim to the throne. However, following the death of their eldest son, he no longer visits Bronuisk and spends more time with Asil.

He already has a reputation for direct action, having put down hedgewars and redistributed wealth to keep feuding clans apart. He is mindful of his recent family history and of the implications for the wider view of legitimacy of the King of Perrenland as emperor. He believes in the empire as force for the greatest benefit or greatest number of its people and is now coming to terms with the fact that the empire has a life of its own and must be coaxed, rather than steered.

His Queens, Bronuisk (a Sirine) lives in her Foss in SE Perrenland with their daughter, the Princess Nenlan. They do not attend court and do not receive visitors kindly. Bronuisk could see a way to work around their having to live in Veluna but became incensed when he also had to marry Asil Gouléd.

Asil Isenwarian (63)(nee Gouléd) betrothed to, and of a similar age to, Beregor, She is the highest attaining Gouléd ever. However, most of her clan is in Teddin and so she has become very close to her husband. Many at court still think of her as little more than a child herself. Having been betrothed to one emperor and then married to his successor, she often turns to Rodiel for advice or support.
Princess Lhahem (48) is the darling of the court. Possibly the most eligible lady in the empire. Still very close to her mother. Occasionally dabbles with the idea of becoming a maiden-of-the-spear.
Princess Ailhem (40) is aquaphobic after nearly drowning in Perrenland. Very much the shrinking violet. Know to listen more than she talks, often spends hours talking with her father or listening as he talks with others.
Crown Prince Vain (31) recently began training as ilin. The great houses are vying for the honour of continuing his training. Beren II is anxious that he should be a good man and dutiful ilin, believing that being a good ruler would then follow on naturally.
Princess Klohem (23) is still her parents little girl.

Princesses Silthir (93), Silgul (87) and Silwen (83) are all blackrobes like their mother, the absent Dowager Empress Belatha Isenwarian (nee Leodhata). Widow of Emperor Ceringorn (Beren II’s elder brother). They are sometimes referred to as “the emperor’s pets” by other blackrobes as they remain at Beren II’s side working for him personally, as opposed to his VA, who works for him as emperor. None of them are adverse to male company in any way but have all so far turned down all offers made to them.

Dowager Empress Rodiel Isenwarian (174)(nee Gefeohtan) late of the unpopular seventh emperor, Mornion. She was once viewed as unstable and prone to hysteria. However, Beren II is the second of her sons to be emperor and during his rule she has somewhat regained her composure. She was also one of the Beregian Regents. Having been betrothed to one emperor and then married to his successor, she firmly supports the current empress Asil in all things.
Prince Arutha, former Carnc of Ouedpha in Udas, now Lord of Udas[1] . Beren II’s younger brother and normally absent from Court, running his own apparatus of state. Not really famous for anything in particular, but not reviled either.
Prince Edelthorn, Scholar and historian, political observer and Rodiel’s errand boy, ilin trained but untested. Friend of the Gefeohtan.

Dowager Empress Avalyne Isenwarian (nee Wigfruma), late of the emperor Thrandor. Devastatingly attractive and quick whited enough to bandy words with dragons, she remains a social and political focal point for the court. Even with approaching middle age, she has lost none of her desirability. Known to have the emperor’s ear and the confidence of more than one Lord of the Empire, she is a much sought after guest. She was also a Beregian Regent. She is possibly now looking for wives for Arutha, Lord of Udas, in low key fashion. For a long time she was the court’s resident prime source of knowledge about Teddin. Now she will occasionally intervene if Beren II can persuade her to, using her influence to sway the Lords of Teddin one way or the other[2] .

Prince Elecae (268). Supposedly the son of the emperor Angborn II and his then empress, Elebill. He has too much elven blood in his veins, having outlived all but two of his nine siblings and not yet approached middle age. Viewed by many of blackrobe contemporaries as a solid performer but nothing special, they fail to realise that his power comes largely from his friends and associates, rather than reliance on his own powers. He is now VA to his great nephew once removed.

Prince Vulac (190) venerable and sometimes-infirm great uncle of Beren II, youngest son of Angborn II, he was petulant and arrogant in his youth and remains an awkward curmudgeon into his dotage. Attended by a swarm of servant-physicians at all times, he clings to life and occasional continence only to embarrass Elecae ‘his brother’. His is often ‘confused’ and unable to interact with others in a meaningful way.

Feanor of Calentum (64), eldest son of Benés, Carnc of Calentum[3] . He came to Veluna to become one of Beren II’s personal ilin. He is, in part, representing the Uleck Isenwarian at court although that would always be secondary to his position as ilin. He is aware that his father would not have sent his sister or himself if Beregor had become emperor.
Jessil of Calentum (53), eldest daughter of the Carnc of Calentum, she is empress Asil’s companion. This of course makes her quite a catch in her own right regardless of her royal blood. Although younger, being a royal Isenwarian from birth, she is able to indicate to Asil where she can be strong and where she must give way. She helps with all the intimate little details that Asil could not talk to Rodiel about.

Edelthorn of Hemmkur (74), eldest son of Rakh, Carnc of Hemmkur[4] . Now Beren II’s Shield-man. He is new to the post but being born ilin, he has been tested in hedgewars and against Pynam Raiders as well as Yatil Orcs. He was Sheild-man to his father for a short while before becoming ilin to Beren II. He particularly hates being mixed up with Edelthorn, the emperor’s younger brother, who he does not trust.


Elebrill Gűl, (499) Queen of Furyondy, (nee Dowager Empress, late of Angborn II, nee Lomin). Princess of Kealand by birth, Elebrill has moved in court circles all her life. She has been both wife and mistress, making a career of advantageous liaison and marriage. Now middle aged, she has been the wife of (as she sees it) the emperor who shaped the modern empire. Her not too distant progeny (the Isenwarian line of Yuggat are largely the fruit of her loins) are still the ruling house of the empire. She is now Queen of Furyondy and is showing signs of slowing down to political manipulation, rather than personal manoeuvring.

Her surviving children are Elwen Gűl, her eldest daughter by Angborn II, now queen of the remote Damiffission Isles, who does not visit Veluna and Elecae Isenwarian, possibly fathered by a Sindalië lover, now VA to his great nephew the emperor.

Dowager Empress Nithoem Isenwarian (318)(nee Gwathlo) late of the unpopular seventh emperor, Mornion. The only remaining fully elven heir of Hazen Cŕma. She happily removed herself to Hisra when Mornion died, where she is either blackrobe or stateswoman as the mood takes her. She prefers to remain with the Gwathlo and away from court. When in court, would most likely remain with them than the Isenwarian, which would be terribly bad form. Good job she stays away.
Prince Camgil. Now a Falliarochben, he is (possibly quite rightly) viewed as a Gwathlo who wears the name Isenwarian like a badge. Serving the white order somewhere in the empire.
Princess Orodiel, a talented girl, one of the few pubescent brownrobes in Blackmoor, she is a progeny amongst students of the arcane. The private view of the court is that she is quite likely to prove to be a Gwathlo in Isenwarian colours, like her elder sibling.

Dowager Empress Belatha Isenwarian (nee Leodhata). Widow of Emperor Ceringorn (Beren II’s elder brother). Upon the emperor’s death, she returned to Blackmoor to finish her training. She is now on the staff of the VA of Tenh, preferring not to come to court.
Princesses Silthir (93), Silgul (87) and Silwen (83) are all blackrobes like their mother and divide their equally between the Assembly and court, where they remain to serve their Uncle, Beren II.

[1] The central state of the region known as Udas. He became Lord after the line of Thermadolt (Isenwarian) faltered.
[2] For a long time, she was the voice of the Lords of Teddin at court. Largely unchanged in terms of personality, they still respect and admire her. They remain grateful for her presence as their continuing voice in the emperor’s ear.
[3] After he returned from Teddin, N’tra, son of Benés became Carnc of Calentum in Uleck. He retired to the middle kingdoms leaving one of elder brothers, Okhilar as obvious successor. The grandchildren of Okhilar form the Uleck branch of the Isenwarian dynasty.
[4] Hubin and Borformen, sons of emperor Angborn II became hedgelords in the middle kingdoms. Their sons remained there and eventually came to occupy three hedgelordships in Ekbir and two in Tusmit. Eventually Rakh, grandson of Hubin, becomes Carnc of Hemmkur. He is Beren II’s finger on the pulse of this sometimes turbulent region.

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