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Using Perren Empire Weapons in RM

Ormacil and Nuscil (B. Kynac), the traditional long and short swords of the Sindalië, these are long slender weapons designed to be used by agile warriors. They trend to be well made, but the comparative lack of hilt furniture (quillons and stopping pommel) makes them harder to handle. Their breakage and fumble ranges are:

Breakage Fumble
Ormacil 01-03 01-06
Nuscil/Kynac 01-02 01-05

The Orcmacil uses the Broadsword table. Any crush critical is reduced by a factor of two, meaning that any A or B crush critical rolled will have no effect. Piercing critical hits are increased by a factor of one and if the result is bleeding, then +1 should be added to the bleeding rate. The Nuscil/Kynac should use the rapier table without adjustments unless it is thrown, when it should use the dagger table with +5 added to the resulting die roll. Range is as for thrown daggers.

Anhathel and Thenmegil, the traditional long and short swords of the Gwaithor. These weapons have a gentle curve to them. The katana and wakasashi tables from MA Companion should be used.

The Taiken should use the rapier table without adjustments when being used one handed. If used two handed, results should calculated on the broadsword table at +10.

Breakage Fumble
One handed 01-04 01-03
Two handed 01-04 01-04

A taiken so equipped can be used to attempt to disarm another weapon using opponent.

If used in anger, a Taranach would strike as a short sword at –15. Otherwise it is a disarming weapon.

Quaj are only used as a pair and in a very distinct chopping manner. The user should roll results on the hand axe table, not forgetting that they are using two weapons. In the event that one is thrown, the results should be calculated on the short sword table. The minimum distance one can cast a Quaj is 20’ (it has to tumble end over end). Using a single quaj blade in the hand, out of combination, as a normal weapon, it’s end heavy balance means using the short sword table at –15 to calculate the results. Interlocking single sheath sets are slightly more fragile than standard ones.

Breakage Fumble
Normal (combo) 01-03 01-07
Interlock (combo) 01-05 01-07
Thrown 01-05 01-09

Part of the fighting style of the quaj user is defensive, using the combo to deflect, parry and block attacks. The portion of OB that the player wishes to use to increase DB is not dependant on nominating either left or right hand weapon, as long as the PC is still able to use them as a combo.

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