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Narn i Hin Yuggat Isenwarian

Yuggat Isenwarian was born in 2579, son of the Emperor Maranga (“the last of the ilin kings”) and Mrija, a Baklunish blackrobe. His paternal grandmother was a Lèodhata princess, daughter of the first Celebrinoth ruler of Ekbir. And so trained as ilin, Yuggat begins his career as one of the personal ilin of the Lord of Ekbir.

Whilst in Ekbir he met and fell in love with Alfola (b 2581), the daughter of Phadrig Sorem, the hereditary ruler of Gran March. She was in Ekbir accompanying her father, who was on a diplomatic mission designed to slow, if not halt, the rapid expansion of the Perren Empire southwards into the Gran March. Phadrig was very wealthy and in order to maintain his position, was willing to sell his daughter to the emperor (ie if the emperor married his daughter, ensuring the continued rule of Gran March by the Sorem, then the emperor would receive a hefty dowry).

As young teenagers, the ilin prince and the Flanne Princess spent a brief week in each others company in 2594 before she returned to her home in the south and he went to war with his comrades. They walked under blossom trees and sang songs to each other, smiling and laughing and promising their love for each other.

Alfola at this time knew nothing of her betrothal, and dreamt of marrying her splendid Isenwarian prince. However the emperor Maranga was getting older and was no longer interested in marriages. His immediate heir, Seigfried, Yuggat’s older brother, in 2599 married his cousin, Belania and was still hopelessly love. However his father and advisors persuaded him that he should marry again (it is common amongst the ilin classes to have more than one spouse as their mortality rate is so high) before too long. And so Alfola was betrothed to Yuggat’s older brother. Alfola and Yuggat had been exchanging love letters constantly for all those years. They had not forgotten their teenage promises.

In 2600 the engagement was announced. Yuggat was crushed. Viewed by his peers as frugal, he now stripped all of the comforts from his life and focussed entirely on being ilin. Yuggat, already accounted one of the finest ilin of his generation threw himself into his calling. Swiftly he rose through the ranks. He took excellent care over his horses but was stern and uncompromising with the Isenwarian house ilin.. Yuggat never came to Veluna, the capital of the empire, preferring always to stay in the field. Yuggat slept in a tent.

But in his hard campaigning Yuggat had come to the notice of Eirien Ithin. She was a maiden of the spear (a martial order of elven warrior-maidens which flourished in the years between the Dagor Rhassë and the Dagor Tarsil) from the camp of Camgil Gwathlo. Inexplicably drawn to him, Eirien thought the young ilin very sad and felt that there was some trapped inner Yuggat who needed release.

Gradually she was able to bring Yuggat out of his shell. The fact that she was a maiden of the spear helped. They could talk because they both belonged to a world where people lived by personal discipline and died by the sword. Eventually they fell in love although neither told the other. At the Dagor Tarsil in 2601, Yuggat defied his Emperor and led the Isenwarian raised heavier cavalry from their place in the battle line when the Gwathlo plunged into the Umlanco. Many thought it a great deed that the Isenwarian rode out to aid their old friends the Gwathlo, few knew the real reason for their leader’s rash action. When eventually he found Eirien tired but unharmed he wordlessly turned his horse away and led his men back to their appointed place in the line of battle. .

In 2608 Alfola, upset but composed, allowed herself to be led to Seigfired’s bed. But he never came, being always devoted to Belania. For forty one years Alfola slept alone in Siegfried’s bed (a martial bed dedicated to their marriage). She swore never to talk to her father again. And she didn’t.

In 2628 Seigfried married again, Searith, a daughter of the Gûl. The bride and groom spent many nights together. They were not within earshot of Alfola but nonetheless as part of the same household she felt their passion mocked her. Again in 2629 Seigfried was married to the daughter of a human King on the fringes of the empire. Brotiana was a Princess of Keoland. Searith bore Seigfried two sons in the 2630s. Brotiana bore him a daughter in 2633. Alfola’s misery could not have been more complete. She had been denied the man she loved, being directed to marrying his brother instead. Then she was denied by the man she was married to, who nonetheless lavished affection on all the others in his household. She would hide away whenever visitors came, lest one of them be Yuggat.

Her health suffered as she remembered Yugat in the spring in Ekbir, over half a century earlier. Seigfried died in 2649. Alfola retreated from the world and took up a religious life, passing away in 2661.

Yuggat, meanwhile, learned to sing again. What he sang was a proposal of marriage for Eirien. They were married by Laru in a tent, in Hisra, in a thunderstorm in 2611. Afterwards they settled in Ard Rhassë. In 2655 they had a son, Benès.

Yuggat died early in 2655. His life possibly shortened by the accumulation of wounds received during the wars. Having lived too much of his life in bitter loneliness, when he heard of Alfola’s final years, Yuggat wrote to his infant son, advising him to seek out love, less it pass him by.

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