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Intro to Jackanory

The names of peoples in the NW Flanaess

The majority of the characters in the narrative are what are known in the language of the Gwaithor as Pernostor (literally ‘half-kindred’, meaning half elf. Plural Pernestir). At some point in their genealogy they had both elven and human ancestors. These persons are largely members of wide ranging Clans, which for dynastic reasons, often inter-marry. So they could conceivably be four or fifth generation Pernostor.

The Human persons of this empire are largely from the Flanne Nation. Within the Flanne Nation there are several vast tribal groupings. Some of these (which may be mentioned in the narrative) are Kea, Perranlanders, Tenhas, Mordhrim and those of the central cradle of their culture (referred to here as ‘Furyondy’) the Flanne themselves. There are also people of the west, the Baklunish and those of the East, the Suel. The Suel are further sub divided into the Frunze (themselves with three distinct sub tribes) the Aerdy and the Mura.

Three types of elves are mentioned here. They are all technically one species, but, in keeping with their fay nature, appear to any scientific definition to be three. They are the High Elves (Gwaithor), Wood Elves (Galadhrim) and the Grey Elves (Sindalië). They refer to themselves as the ‘kindreds’ (In the language of the Gwaithor, ‘Nothrim’. Hence ‘an elf’ is Nostor and ‘some elves’ are Nestir.)

Most of the protagonists in the narrative are members of the ruling class. All the warriors of this class are known as ilin (singular and plural). They have a long culture of (previously nomadic) horse archery. They have a very simple hierarchy culminating in Kings or Princes of independent nation states within an empire. Below these are individuals known as Carnc (again singular and plural), who rule over areas that vary in size and comparative stature.

The ruling class include 99% of all the Pernestir. Historically they have been drawn from all three Nothrim, the Baklunish and Perranic peoples. They are increasingly becoming ‘Flannised’ as time passes. Most of the conversation herein is in the language of the Gwaithor. Where it might be relevant to show that it is in some other tongue, it is noted.

There also exists a warrior class called jalee (once more, singular and plural). These andro-centric organisations provide strictly disciplined legions of foot-soldiers. Jalee are forbidden from any form of romantic contact whilst they still serve. They also only get paid when they retire.


All of the narrative takes place on the northwestern edge of the central Flanne basin. The centre of the empire, the city of Veluna (within the nation state of Veluna) lies at the centre of this narrative. Hisra is to the northeast, Ket to the north west. Streich is a long way south by south west.

Udas and Teddin are also mentioned. These are (for the purposes of this tale) not part of continental Oerik and are both a long sea passage away.

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